How To Make 100 Pounds Fast: 7 Easy Ways

£100 may not seem like that much when everything is going great. However, £100 is often just enough to get someone out of a tight situation when things start to get rough. Knowing exactly how to make that extra side income at a moment’s notice is a very useful skill for anyone trying to make it in this unpredictable world. Here are the best ways to make £100 on demand whenever life throws a curveball.

1. Selling Old Junk

Most people have tons of old stuff that they just don’t use anymore. These unwanted items pile up pretty quickly as life moves on. The cool thing about this phenomenon is that the internet has made it easier than ever to sell just about anything.

While this stuff may be useless to the seller, there is no doubt a buyer somewhere around the world that would love that old collection of CDs or out of style sweater. When selling stuff online 100 pounds can be made in a matter of days if popular websites are leveraged. Here are some of the best marketplaces to post things for sale.

  • Gumtree
  • Ebay
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Marketplace

2. Delivering Food

Companies such as Deliveroo have allowed anyone to start delivering food to people in exchange for cash. It is very similar to driving for Uber in that the couriers can start and finish whenever they want. Unlike Uber, Deliveroo allows their deliveries to be done without a car. Going on foot or using a bike are great alternatives to avoid spending copious amounts of gas money.

Deliveroo couriers keep all of their tips so depending on how good the courier is 100 pounds can be netted very quickly. Theoretically, someone could just deliver all day and not be capped by any arbitrary shift length. This can result in incredibly quick payouts when things get desperate enough.

3. Babysitting

A good sitter can be hard to find sometimes. Parents often have to find good help on short notice and are willing to pay quite a bit for this rather simple service. Finding gigs on social media is quick and painless when searching in areas densely packed with people.

By setting up appointments several days in a row, £100 can be earned rather quickly. Babysitters often charge by the hour so in just a few late-night sessions some serious money can be made.

4. Using TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a phone app that allows users to perform small tasks and odd jobs around town in order to rake in the cash. These small jobs are often posted by local businesses and national chains alike. Users may go into various restaurants and take pictures of the menu or ensure certain items are stocked at shops.

There are far more variety in the tasks than that since new things are constantly being added to the app. It is well worth taking a look to see how close some money-making opportunities are. Often times, these tasks can be completed at places that already fit into a typical daily routine.

5. Freelancing with Fiverr

For anyone who would prefer to not leave the house, Fiverr allows anyone to get paid for their talents. Users can post their services as listings on the site and set their prices accordingly. Then, it is simply a matter of time before clients start rolling in.

Depending on how much each service costs,  £100 can be secured very rapidly. In fact, some top listings charge £100 or more for just one task. The trick to getting good results with this website is to find a niche that has hardly anyone else offering their time. This is how many people have turned Fiverr into their full-time income.

6. Rent Space on Airbnb

Anyone with a spare room in their house can turn it into a makeshift hotel with Airbnb. By posting availability on the platform, it is possible to make great cash flow from visitors looking to spend the night. This method is especially powerful for anyone living in a highly desirable location close to tourist destinations.

Certain landmarks and getaway spots attract people from all over the world. With the right location, money can be made each night from a room that isn’t normally being used by the owner.

7. Repair Broken Tech

Everyone has had a screen on their phone crack or a gadget start to act funny. Most people have no idea how to fix these issues and resort to using online repair services to avoid buying a whole new device.

Even though it is possible to figure out how to fix a majority of tech problems with a simple google search, most don’t have the time or patience to deal with this route. 100 pounds can be made quickly by anyone who takes the time to learn the basic fixes for the most common tech troubles.