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Representative Example: Rates from 35.9% APR to max 1304% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 3 months. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £250 borrowed for 3 months. Total amount repayable is £411.63 in 3 monthly instalments of £137.21. Interest charged is £161.63, annual interest rate of 292% (fixed). Representative 1192% APR (variable).

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

When you are stuck financially and have nowhere to get your cash problem sorted, Palma Violets Loans is here to give you relief. We match you with a network of lenders who can offer you short-term loans for as much as £5,000. Make your application and wait as we link you with a lender that will facilitate your financial need. Our networks of lenders bring you various types of short-term loans, including personal loans, instalment loans, guarantor loans, and other short-term loans.

How Palma Violets Loans Work

Palma Violets Loans is a payday loan broker and not a direct lender. Once you send your application via our platform, we forward it to our network of lenders. The lender that finds your details suitable to their policy will get you the best deal. Our application process is simple, seamless, and straightforward. All you need is to fill in our online application form, and the rest will be taken care of by our system. Here is a breakdown of how the Palma Violets Loans system works.

Filling Out a Simple Application

If you are interested in applying for fast loans, all you need to do is to click on the ‘Apply’ button on our website. This will redirect you to our short online application form that is relatively easy to fill. The application form outlines instructions on the information that we would want you to provide. Such information includes how much you intend to borrow and other details relevant to the loan application. Palma Violets Loans takes pride in a fast application process, which takes you for as much as five minutes.

Application Processing

Every lender has a system software that is linked to ours. Once you have submitted your application form via our system, some of your details will be forwarded to our network of lenders. This information enables lenders to determine your eligibility. A suitable lender will be matched with you, and they will send you a loan offer.

The Loan Offer

A loan offer is a sign that a specific lender has accepted your application. The offer captures details on the amount and terms of loan the lender is willing to lend you. The loan amount is determined by your eligibility, and you might not get an offer for an amount that you requested. Should you not be satisfied with the offer and its terms thereof, you are welcome to decline it. However, if the offer meets your expectations, you can accept it by confirming the agreement on their site. Confirming the agreement initiates a contract with your lender, and money will be wired to you.

Money Transfer

Having confirmed the loan offer issued by a lender, money is wired to your bank account instantly. However, a money transfer may sometimes delay depending on the lender. It is vital that you enter your bank details correctly as the loan will be wired to the bank account you highlighted during the application stage. Loan repayment is also done via the same bank account. You have the cash now. The process is that easy! You can now use the money to meet your own needs. However, remember to pay the instalments and clear the loan in time. Delay in payment can affect your credit report, which will affect your eligibility to borrow money in the future.

Compare Lenders

LenderRepresentative APRAvailable AmountsLoan Duration
Lending Stream1333%£50 to £1,500Up to 6 months
Cash4unow1314%£150 to £10004 or 6 months
Oakam1421%£100 to £5003, 6 or 12 months
THL Direct1306.21%Up to £125Up to 3 months
Buffa1124%£100 to £10003-6 months
QuidMarket1301%£300 to £1,5003-6 months
Loans 2 Go1013.3%£250 to £100018 months
Ferratum1270%£300 to £70062 days to 4 months
MyJar1081%£100 to £20003, 6 or 12 months
Sunny1267%£100 to £2500 6, 7, 9 or 14 months

Benefits of Applying for Short-Term Loans

Short-term loans come with plenty of benefits, and loans issued by our network of lenders are not an exception. Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for instant loans via Palma Violets Loans.

Quick services

Short term loans applied via our website are processed within the same day.

No credit checks

PV does not run credit checks to verify applicants. However, some lenders in our platform may run these checks when issuing short-term loans.

Safe and secure service

PV Loans is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK as a payday loan broker.

Best services

Our network of lenders consists of the best money lending service providers there is in the UK.



Our services are available for 24 hours throughout the year.

100% UK Based Lenders

All lenders are also regulated by the UK financial laws against any damaging activity to consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Palma Violets Loans work?

PV is an FCA-regulated payday loan broker. We do not give loans, and neither do we make credit decisions. As a payday loan broker, we match you to a suitable lender that will offer you a loan according to your financial needs. Our system hosts a network of UK-based lenders who receive any loan application made. The lender that finds you eligible will then offer you a loan.

Can I get approved for a loan if I have bad credit?

Yes. We partner with loan lenders that take care of customers with bad credit rating. Whether you have bad or good credit, or no credit at all, PV allows you to apply for short-term loans. Should a lender be pleased with your application, then you will be lucky to have cash wired to your account. It is important to note, however, that you may get an amount lower than what you applied if you have bad credit. Also, some lenders will run credit checks as their qualifying criteria for fast loans.

What are short-term loans?

Short-term loans are short term loans that are subjected to less or even no screening processes. Most people borrow short-term loans to meet emergency expenses as they wait for their wages, salary, or next payday. They are also referred to as same day loans or payday loans.

How do payday loans differ with other loan types?

The difference between payday loans and other types of loans is the speed of access and the repayment duration. While the process of accessing the other loan types may take you hours or even days, short-term loans are accessible instantly. On the other hand, most of the other loan types are repaid in instalments for months or even years. Short-term loans, however, have a short repayment schedule. Most fast loans demand a one instalment repayment. In case a payday loan has been issued with an extended repayment schedule, it would be over weeks or a couple of months.

Is the loan processed instantly?

Once you have accepted a loan offer and confirmed the agreement sent by your lender, the money is instantly wired to the bank account highlighted in the application process. It can take up to around 15 minutes for the money to get to your account immediately after you accept the offer. This duration is, however, affected by several factors, including bank and lender’s policies.

How much money can I borrow at a go?

Most of the lenders that we partner with provide fast loans up to a maximum of £5,000. However, it is not a guarantee that you will get an offer that meets your financial needs as per your request. Most lenders have criteria that they use to determine how much they should offer you. The amount you get can be influenced by such factors as a poor credit report. Lenders are very cautious when dispatching loans and short-term loan lenders are no exception. They will not lend you money that they perceive will be difficult for you to repay.

What do I need to apply for a loan?

Our application process is simple and straightforward. All you will need is to provide the basic information as instructed on our application form. We may require you to submit your name, bank account, employment status, and your address. This information is essential to the lender in determining whether you are eligible for a loan and how much they should lend you. It is also fundamental to give this information as proof of identity.

How does Palma Violets Loans make money from this service?

Palma Violets Loans is a payday loan broker and not a direct lender. Our business is to match you with a suitable lender from whom we earn a commission. This means that our platform is totally free, and we do not charge our customers any interest or fees. Our earning is entirely solicited from our lenders in the form of commission for advertising their services through our platform. At no point do we call our customers to request an upfront fee for our matching services.

What hours are you open?

Our services are 100% online-based. We do not have a fixed operating schedule. You can use our services at any time of the day, for seven days, and throughout the year. However, note that some lenders process applications and loans manually. Accessing your loan might, therefore, be affected by holidays and the business hours of a bank. Should you be matched with a lender that operates online, then your loan might get to your account faster.

How will I receive the money?

Once approved by your lender, the money will be wired electronically to your bank account. Lenders will use bank details provided in the application form to process your loan.

Is there an eligibility criterion?

As far as making an application is concerned, you must meet certain criteria. You must 18 years and above in age, having a source of income, living in the UK, and having a source of income. For loan approval, the eligibility criteria vary from one lender to the other. While some may require you to have a good credit report, others are not concerned about your credit status.

Why do I need to submit my personal information?

Submission of personal information is essential in determining whether you are eligible for short term loans. Every detail you issue is used for the purpose of loan processing only. You can read through our Privacy Policy to ascertain how we use the information you give through our platform.

What do I do if I have issues repaying my loan?

If you have problems repaying your loan or an instalment, it is important that you contact your lender. You can contact them by phone or visit their physical location. This way, you can discuss the problem with your lender and agree on other repayment options.

What is an APR interest?

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) interest is the interest rate charged on loan for an entire year, rather than on a monthly basis. APR interest represents an expression of the total costs charged on short term loans. These costs include fees and other additional charges linked to accessing short term loans.

What types of short term loans do the lenders offer?

Our lenders offer customers different types of loans. It is crucial that you understand the difference between these loan types to establish the type that best suits your financial needs. The different types of short term loans available include guarantor loans, personal unsecured loans, instalment loans, and a payday loan.

Guarantor loans are the type of short term loan that brings in a third party to the contract. The third-party in question can be a friend, a family member, or a spouse. The guarantor agrees to repay the loan on your behalf, should you be unable to pay an instalment or clear the loan.

Personal unsecured loans are a loan type offered for personal uses, supported by a good credit rather than a security or collateral. This means that the loan is accessed against no asset or item. Short term loans, on the other hand, are small (below £1,000), unsecured, and they are issued with future income as a backing. In most cases, small loans are repaid in a couple of weeks or a month.

Instalment loans are the type of loans whose repayment schedule has been spread out over the loan term. What this means is that if the loan has a repayment duration of 3 months, then repayment will be divided into three instalments.