Asda Travel Money

Asda is a currency exchange service provided by popular U.K supermarket chains, which allows you to exchange money in the bureau, and have the traded currency brought to your relevant address. It is also applicable when you want to move funds to an oversea bank account. It makes it easy for customers to buy foreign currency or travelling cheques online or in stores.

Asda Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.138853.50
Australian dollars1.99271,494.53
Bahraini dinars0.4196314.70
Bangladeshi taka88.6966,517.50
Barbados dollars2.221,665.00
Bermudian dollars1.0894817.05
Brunei dollars1.61,200.00
Bulgarian lev2.0371,527.75
Canadian dollars1.65851,243.88
Cayman Islands dollars0.8728654.60
Central Pacific francs114.2585,687.50
Chilean pesos939.206704,404.50
Chinese yuan7.885,910.00
Colombian pesos4339.183,254,385.00
Costa Rica colons609.81457,357.50
Croatian kuna7.82475,868.53
Czech koruna28.618321,463.73
Danish krone7.76475,823.53
Dominican pesos58.5143,882.50
East Caribbean dollars3.0152,261.25
Egyptian pounds15.6311,722.50
Fiji dollars2.5461,909.50
Hong Kong dollars8.80576,604.28
Hungarian forints362.672272,004.00
Icelandic krona157.091117,818.25
Indonesian rupiahs1641912,314,250.00
Israeli shekels4.1453,108.75
Jamaican dollars147.6110,700.00
Japanese yen123.80992,856.75
Jordanian dinars0.7946595.95
Kenyan shillings115.77586,831.25
Kuwaiti dinars0.3493261.98
Malaysian ringgits4.9043,678.00
Mauritian rupees43.5832,685.00
Mexican pesos27.632120,724.08
Moroccan dirham9.2136,909.75
New Zealand dollars2.0171,512.75
Norwegian krone13.385710,039.28
Omani rials0.4328324.60
Peruvian nuevo sol3.8762,907.00
Philippine pesos54.6140,957.50
Polish zloty4.6813,510.75
Qatar riyals4.0213,015.75
Romanian leu4.8763,657.00
Russian rubles89.667,200.00
Saudi riyals4.1333,099.75
Singapore dollars1.631,222.50
South African rand19.674914,756.18
South Korean won13871,040,250.00
Sri Lankan rupees187.839140,879.25
Swedish krona11.74218,806.58
Swiss francs1.1016826.20
Taiwan dollars32.9724,727.50
Thai baht36.6227,465.00
Trinidad dollars7.35,475.00
Turkish lira7.275,452.50
United Arab Emirates dirham4.1623,121.50
Vietnamese dongs24124.318,093,225.00

What Services does Asda Offer?

It offers direct bank transfers when one makes an international payment, or when you want to send money to friends and relatives in another country. You need to sign in to the account for free; select where you are sending the money then fill in the beneficiaries’ details. Asda will then convert the funds and sediment it in the beneficiary’s account.

It also allows you to order travel money through your phone online or in any of the 140 bureaus de exchange, you then collect it from the store or have it sent to your home. Asda provides a smartcard available for various currencies like dollars, Euros, and rands. You can refill your credit card online, at the stores, through e-banking or by calling the credit card service.

You can use the MasterCard to withdraw money in cash machines to pay for goods and services all around the world in the countries which accept master cards application.

Advantages of Using Asda

  • The website is attractive and easy to use.
  • There are various currencies available on Asda travel money.
  • It is credible; the chances of the brand collapsing are almost non-existent.
  • You don’t incur additional commission over the quoted rates.
  • It provides free delivery and free pick up from your nearest stores.
  • Asda Travel money services are protected and regulated to enhance security.
  • It provides an extensive range of credit card services, and online transfer services both locally and internationally.

Asda Exchange Rates

The platform guarantees a great deal on currency exchange as stated on their website, that they shall defeat any contender in the exchange rate, who operates within 5 miles of their stores’ location. This warrant is only valid for clients operating from the stores and the bureau currency exchange provider.

The exchange rates differ depending on whether you are purchasing online or through the stores. Once you purchase a credit card, the price of exchange is loaded and shown through an email confirmation, or the store display. The exchange rate guarantee is also subjected to rate verification only when exchanging sterling pounds for personal use into the foreign currencies available at the time of exchange.

Your transaction is also not refunded in case you try using the exchange warranty after purchasing the foreign currency. The exchange rate guarantee is available in the various direct businesses and is not availed for staff only exchange rates. It allows zero commission while placing a travel money order online, through phone or the money travel bureau stores, and no fee if you pay the travel money with your Asda money credit card or debit card.

Asda Travel Money Reviews

Asda travel money has been compared with other money transfer services and is a more secure platform with the highest credibility and security guarantee. However, the platform’s customer services are rated poorly, with a minimal customer satisfaction rate.

A few positive reviews claim that Asda has a better deal than other supermarket money providers, with few people rating it as either high or excellent. Numerous negative reviews are associated with account closures, poor customer services, and travel card issues.

The negative feedback is also associated with refund problems, failed deliveries, poor communication, and late responses.


Buying online through the Asda travel money will ensure a free delivery for £500 or more. There is a £5 off Travel Money when purchased in-store, on orders amounting to £300, and overusing your Asda Credit Card.

The prepaid currency cards are widely applied and are the fastest and easiest way to carry money abroad, you can easily top it up online, at the convenience of your house. Use the cards to buy numerous services and products from hotel payments, shopping, bar, and restaurant bills.

When picking up your items from the stores, you need to present a smart card used in order placement and a valid ID, passport, or a full photographic driving license.