John Lewis Travel Money

While everybody likes a great holiday, only a few enjoy preparing and sorting out the practical considerations of one. If you have already checked your essential travel documents and packed your bags, it is time to get your holiday spending money.

A great option is getting your money from John Travel Money service, which is a financial services business based in the U.K that is part of the John Lewis Group, also behind the well-known John Lewis department stores and Waitrose supermarkets. They are an established, popular brand with a good reputation, and travel money services are available at some Waitrose stores, John Lewis, and online.

John Lewis Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.138853.50
Australian dollars1.99271,494.53
Bahraini dinars0.4196314.70
Bangladeshi taka88.6966,517.50
Barbados dollars2.221,665.00
Bermudian dollars1.0894817.05
Brunei dollars1.61,200.00
Bulgarian lev2.0371,527.75
Canadian dollars1.65851,243.88
Cayman Islands dollars0.8728654.60
Central Pacific francs114.2585,687.50
Chilean pesos939.206704,404.50
Chinese yuan7.885,910.00
Colombian pesos4339.183,254,385.00
Costa Rica colons609.81457,357.50
Croatian kuna7.82475,868.53
Czech koruna28.618321,463.73
Danish krone7.76475,823.53
Dominican pesos58.5143,882.50
East Caribbean dollars3.0152,261.25
Egyptian pounds15.6311,722.50
Fiji dollars2.5461,909.50
Hong Kong dollars8.80576,604.28
Hungarian forints362.672272,004.00
Icelandic krona157.091117,818.25
Indonesian rupiahs1641912,314,250.00
Israeli shekels4.1453,108.75
Jamaican dollars147.6110,700.00
Japanese yen123.80992,856.75
Jordanian dinars0.7946595.95
Kenyan shillings115.77586,831.25
Kuwaiti dinars0.3493261.98
Malaysian ringgits4.9043,678.00
Mauritian rupees43.5832,685.00
Mexican pesos27.632120,724.08
Moroccan dirham9.2136,909.75
New Zealand dollars2.0171,512.75
Norwegian krone13.385710,039.28
Omani rials0.4328324.60
Peruvian nuevo sol3.8762,907.00
Philippine pesos54.6140,957.50
Polish zloty4.6813,510.75
Qatar riyals4.0213,015.75
Romanian leu4.8763,657.00
Russian rubles89.667,200.00
Saudi riyals4.1333,099.75
Singapore dollars1.631,222.50
South African rand19.674914,756.18
South Korean won13871,040,250.00
Sri Lankan rupees187.839140,879.25
Swedish krona11.74218,806.58
Swiss francs1.1016826.20
Taiwan dollars32.9724,727.50
Thai baht36.6227,465.00
Trinidad dollars7.35,475.00
Turkish lira7.275,452.50
United Arab Emirates dirham4.1623,121.50
Vietnamese dongs24124.318,093,225.00

If you are planning on using John Lewis Travel Money, it is great to check that the costs and exchange rates, you will likely face are a bit fair to avoid overspending on your deserved break. John Lewis openly displays exchange rates on their website, and the rates are also identical whether you exchange your money in-stores or online.

In addition to that, if you purchase your currency using this trusted brand credit card, you can luckily earn extra points towards Waitrose and John Lewis gift vouchers. The credit card won’t entice credit card transaction fees or advanced charges for foreign currency purchases.

Bureau de change services

There are local bureau de change offices in over 30 John Lewis stores across the U.K. They offer up to 30 different world currencies for immediate conversions. All you need is to provide your Identity Card to buy currency. Even though this brand does price match the exchange rates, they’re still more costly than most online currency exchange providers.

Traveller’s cheque / foreign currency – ‘Click and Collect’

John Lewis Travel Money can allow you to order currency online and arrange to either pick the currency at over 300 Waitrose stores or John Lewis in the U.K or have it delivered to your home. It’s possible to pick up your currency on the next day.

The maximum order value for ‘click and collect’ is €2500, and the minimum amount you can order is €500. It’s worth knowing that to collect the order, you’ll need to provide a reference, the card you used for payment, and photo ID.

Weekday delivery is €5 free for orders of under €1000 and free for orders of over €1000. The minimum order value usually is €500 for store collection or home delivery.

Money transfer / international payments

John Lewis Travel Money allows you to make payments to a foreign bank account or international transfers. You can also use their service to sell or purchase property overseas, sending money to bank accounts of friends or family, or even pay for something oversea.

John Lewis offers international payment via partnerships with HiFX and money transfer via Western Union. There are terms & conditions attached to the services, and so you will have to register in order to make payments.

What you’ll love about John Lewis Travel Money

  • John Lewis Travel Money services are regulated, secure, and safe.
  • An array of services, including local and online travel money, foreign currency collection, and bank transfers.
  • An established, trusted brand much-loved by clients.
  • Click & collect available in up to 300 locations and availability of immediate conversions in up to 30 locations.

What you might not like about John Lewis Travel Money

  • The price promise is not available on Western Union services, international bank transfers, or online ordering.
  • Exchange rates are more costly than the exchange rates from other providers.

The final verdict

John Lewis Travel Money uses very strong security in order to protect customer funds – fully authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Their services are trusted, ease of use, and fast.

If you’re looking to exchange the money after your great holiday, you can use one of their several high street bureaus de change options.

You should also know that John Lewis doesn’t offer a currency card. They accept credit payments at a 1.5% fee for Visa and Mastercard as part of their trip money service.

Lastly, John Lewis can allow you to amend or cancel your order at any time. All you need is to call John Lewis Travel Money’s customer service team. The cancellation fee is €20, and they refund your order within 28 days.