Post Office Travel Money

You can find a Post Office branch in most towns and cities across the UK, as well as in many villages. One of the services they provide is travel money. While many people choose to use their credit or debit cards when travelling, just as many people choose to take a supply of the local currency. Being able to get hold of a range of different currencies is crucial, and it’s also good if there’s somewhere you can go to sell your currency when you get home after your holidays. The Post Office travel money service ticks all these boxes.

Post Office Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.1573867.98
Australian dollars1.94891,461.68
Bahraini dinars0.4298322.35
Bangladeshi taka91.799968,849.93
Barbados dollars2.23121,673.40
Bermudian dollars1.1355851.63
Brunei dollars1.63341,225.05
Bulgarian lev2.01611,512.08
Canadian dollars1.6481,236.00
Cayman Islands dollars0.8961672.08
Central Pacific francs117.43188,073.25
Chilean pesos929.303696,977.25
Chinese yuan7.85485,891.10
Colombian pesos4329.463,247,095.00
Costa Rica colons600.7450,525.00
Croatian kuna7.80435,853.23
Czech koruna27.627120,720.33
Danish krone7.77155,828.63
Dominican pesos59.882544,911.88
East Caribbean dollars3.02612,269.58
Egyptian pounds17.189912,892.43
Fiji dollars2.53671,902.53
Guatemalan quetzales8.40626,304.65
Honduran lempiras27.255120,441.33
Hong Kong dollars8.80926,606.90
Hungarian forints354.451265,838.25
Icelandic krona151.818113,863.50
Indonesian rupiahs16723.312,542,475.00
Israeli shekels4.31113,233.33
Jamaican dollars150.377112,782.75
Japanese yen122.7292,040.00
Jordanian dinars0.7984598.80
Kenyan shillings115.74786,810.25
Lebanese pounds1653.511,240,132.50
Malaysian ringgits4.93353,700.13
Mauritian rupees44.236833,177.60
Mexican pesos26.377619,783.20
New Zealand dollars1.95371,465.28
Norwegian krone12.11859,088.88
Omani rials0.436327.00
Papua New Guinean kina3.58342,687.55
Peruvian nuevo sol3.90082,925.60
Philippine pesos56.99142,743.25
Polish zloty4.62043,465.30
Romanian leu4.91553,686.63
Russian rubles86.013564,510.13
Saudi riyals4.27763,208.20
Singapore dollars1.63361,225.20
South African rand19.294914,471.18
South Korean won1387.191,040,392.50
Swedish krona11.37398,530.43
Swiss francs1.1161837.08
Taiwan dollars33.767825,325.85
Thai baht36.807927,605.93
Trinidad dollars7.46675,600.03
Turkish lira7.18085,385.60
Ukrainian hryvnia29.749222,311.90
United Arab Emirates dirham4.23263,174.45
Uruguayan pesos49.076636,807.45
Vietnamese dongs25243.918,932,925.00

The Benefits of Choosing Post Office Travel Money

  • Online option – travel money can be ordered online to be collected from a Post Office branch near to your home
  • Next day delivery – if you’ve left ordering your travel money until the last minute or can’t get to your local Post Office branch, you can order your travel money online to be delivered to your home the next day
  • Wide choice of Post Office branches – there are 11,500 Post Office branches across the UK where you can place travel money orders and arrange collection
  • Branches are open from 7.30am to 10pm on weekdays
  • Around 3,000 branches open 7 days a week
  • Exchange rates are competitive
  • 0% commission

Foreign Currency Service

The Post Office foreign currency service is a very convenient service for people who are looking to buy currency for their holiday. Orders can be placed in one of the many local branches or online. As many as 80 foreign currencies are available, and there is no commission to pay. Minimum order size is £150, and the maximum order size is £2,500. The larger your order, the better exchange rate you get. Visit one of the local Post Office branches and make your order and there’s no minimum order size.

Currencies ordered can be collected from the nearest branch or delivered to their home the very next day. Home delivery is free for orders of the equivalent of £500 or more. For orders under £500 there is a delivery charge of £4.99. All travel money is sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery and guaranteed to arrive by 1pm. Orders placed for euros or US dollars can be collected from a local branch within two hours of placing the order using Click and Collect Express.

Click and Collect Express Service

With the Post Office Click and Collect Express service you order your currency online, and it’s available to collect from your local branch the next day. Order US dollars or euros and they’ll be available 2 hours later.

Up to £2,500 can be purchased with larger orders benefiting from a better exchange rate. Up to 80 different currencies can be ordered, and there is zero commission when buying or selling foreign currency at the Post Office.

Many Post Office branches are open from 7.30am until 10.30pm, and selected branches are also open on Sundays.

Travel Money Refunds

One feature of the Post Office Travel Money service is the travel money refund guarantee. A full refund on your travel money purchase is offered when a significant event leads to the cancellation of your holiday plans. Significant events include the collapse of the holiday company you’re travelling with, political unrest, strikes, and events of this nature.

To receive a refund customers have to take their currency back to a local branch and convert it into sterling. The receipt for the original purchase and the subsequent conversion then has to be sent to the customer care department of the Post Office. Evidence of the cancelled holiday also has to be included. A refund will be made in the form of a cheque, for the difference between the buy and sell amount.

Travel Money Card

One last service worth mentioning in this Post Office travel money review is the travel money card. Not everyone likes to carry large amounts of cash with them when on holiday which is when a travel money card comes in very handy. Customers simply have to load the card with the required currency amount. The Post Office money card is issued in partnership with Mastercard. Therefore, it can be used in shops, bars, and restaurants around the world.

Cards can be ordered online or via the Post Office money card app. They can be loaded with any of the 23 currencies available. Once ordered, the card should be delivered within 2-3 days.
The Post Office prepaid card is accepted at 36 million locations in more than 200 countries. It’s possible to check the card’s balance, top up, or swap currencies using the mobile app or online. Lost cards are replaced within 24 hours.

Over the last 13 years, Post Office Money has been voted the Best Foreign Exchange/Travel Money retailer and won gold 12 times at the British Travel Awards. The website states that the Post Office processes on average one foreign currency transaction every four seconds. If this figure is anything to go by, it seems that the Post Office is providing a very popular travel money service.