Tesco Bank Travel Money

Looking to make a foreign currency order? Tesco Bank Travel Money has got your back. With over 340 cash exchange sites, Tesco Bank provides foreign currency services with in advance order of money collection from over 530 Tesco stores. They offer over 120 currencies for money exchange. The order amounts range from a minimum of £50 to a maximum of £2,500. Tesco Bank Travel money provides its services in partnership with Travelex.

Tesco Bank Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.1085831.38
Australian dollars1.93621,452.15
Bahraini dinars0.4116308.70
Barbados dollars2.15221,614.15
Brunei dollars1.58071,185.53
Bulgarian lev1.96821,476.15
Canadian dollars1.62341,217.55
Cayman Islands dollars0.8697652.28
Chilean pesos928.754696,565.50
Chinese yuan7.64835,736.23
Costa Rica colons581.685436,263.75
Croatian kuna7.6545,740.50
Czech koruna26.995620,246.70
Danish krone7.50545,629.05
Dominican pesos57.807543,355.63
East Caribbean dollars2.93792,203.43
Fiji dollars2.47751,858.13
Hong Kong dollars8.54176,406.28
Hungarian forints354.233265,674.75
Icelandic krona151.133113,349.75
Indonesian rupiahs1670812,531,000.00
Israeli shekels4.0573,042.75
Japanese yen119.83189,873.25
Jordanian dinars0.7654574.05
Kenyan shillings112.08184,060.75
Kuwaiti dinars0.3349251.18
Malaysian ringgits4.77543,581.55
Mauritian rupees42.143531,607.63
Mexican pesos26.823420,117.55
New Zealand dollars1.99011,492.58
Norwegian krone13.17369,880.20
Omani rials0.4146310.95
Peruvian nuevo sol3.81152,858.63
Philippine pesos54.482840,862.10
Polish zloty4.44443,333.30
Qatar riyals3.94592,959.43
Romanian leu4.82593,619.43
Russian rubles85.18463,888.00
Saudi riyals4.133,097.50
Singapore dollars1.58941,192.05
South African rand19.240314,430.23
South Korean won1362.281,021,710.00
Swedish krona11.48358,612.63
Swiss francs1.0839812.93
Taiwan dollars32.50524,378.75
Thai baht34.744526,058.38
Turkish lira7.14175,356.28
United Arab Emirates dirham3.98582,989.35
Vietnamese dongs24540.818,405,600.00

Get Your Travel Money at the Convenience of Your Home

Placing your foreign currency order within the bank working hours from Monday to Thursday will facilitate your home delivery if you reside in the UK. Customers will be charged £3.95 as a delivery fee for orders above £500. A signature is needed upon delivery.

Online Foreign Currency Orders

Tesco Bank gives you an option to make your foreign currency order within reach of your phone or computer. Making an online order using your Tesco bank account is also a possibility. Subsequent to your order, you are offered a home delivery option as well as an alternative to pick up the cash from a Tesco Bank store. U.S. dollars and euros ordered before 2 PM can be collected the following day from the majority of Tesco Travel Money locations. A maximum of five days is the time taken for the delivery of the other currencies. In case you want a delivery report for collection of your cash, the requirements will be a complete UK driving license in addition to an eligible ID.

Send Money to International Accounts

You have a chance to wire money to international accounts with Tesco Bank. This, therefore, enables you to deposit cash with relatives. Tesco Bank works in cooperation with MoneyGram, therefore, providing a platform to send cash to countries worldwide. MoneyGram prohibits business transactions. You can decide to access the MoneyGram app by means of your phone to send cash or pay with a debit card at your nearest Tesco Bank site.

The recipients have the option of having the cash wired to a mobile wallet, directly transferred to their bank accounts for withdrawal as well as cashing the money from a MoneyGram agent. The time taken for the money transfer process varies from minutes to days within the bank timeline. With every £ 50 or more, you earn a chance to pick up 50 Tesco Clubcard points.

Get Immediate Money Exchange at a Local In-store Location

Tesco Bank offers immediate cash exchange at 360 in-store locations throughout the UK. The majority of these sights are open 7 days a week and offer a collection of most popular currencies on a similar day.

The Pre-paid Currency Card Service

A travel card that can pack seven currencies is provided for by Tesco Bank. Acceptable currencies for this card include:

  • U.K. pounds
  • U.S. dollars
  • Australian dollars
  • South African rand
  • Canadian dollars
  • New Zealand dollars

There is no commission fee on foreign purchases. However, a two percent fee is charged if the card is used in the UK. Get your travel money card exclusively at a Tesco Bank location.

Tesco Bank Price Assurance

All local currency change orders receive a cost match assurance. This does not apply to online orders. Tesco Bank’s perception of their price guarantee is conducive and customer friendly. The bank assures you of a flexible exchange rate in case a less costly rate is marketed within 3 miles of the closest Tesco Travel Money Bureau, on a similar day.

This is only applicable in store on a like for like basis on sell transactions. However, this is not relevant for any exchange rate advertised online or by phone. The process also does not work in connection with any other offer. The following are some terms and conditions applicable in the price match process:

  • If a sale transaction is of the same product as the ones in the store and also posses a currency that has similar value, when exchanging Sterling Pounds to a different foreign currency at your closest Tesco Travel Money Bureau, then Tesco Travel Money price match will be applicable. This is only valid if you stumble upon a less costly exchange rate.
  • The price match is eligible for foreign currency in supply during the period of your procurement and pre-paid cards.
  • The exchange rate must be situated within 3 miles of your bureau of choice on the same day. The time frame should be within the opening hours of your optional Tesco Travel Money Bureau. A suitable route planning tool that favors both parties is used to measure the three-mile distance in case of a conflict.

Free Card Processing for Tesco Bank Card

No matter your purchases, you will not incur any fee involving card processing from Tesco Bank. However, your service provider might charge you.