QuickQuid Alternatives

At times, one has an urgent need for cash and waiting for the payday at such a time is not possible. There are a lot of online lenders available, but most people in the UK have been using Quickquid.

Before ending its operations in 2019, Quickquid was one of the biggest payday lenders in the UK. It was easy to get money through their online platform though their loans had higher rates.

If you are one of their customers who is left with a dilemma on which payday loan lender to trust, you don’t have to worry as there are still some worthy lenders who can serve you the same way Quickquid did or better.

The easiest way to find the best loan is by researching the online lenders available. Below are some of the best alternatives for Quickquid.


Just like Quickquid, Wizzcash.com is an online payday loan lender. This company also connect its customers to other lenders as a broker in situations where they are not able to help.

With Wizzcash, you can get a short term loan of 1 to 36 months with the amount depending on the individual’s circumstances. The maximum that users can borrow in a three-month instalment loan is £1000, and the minimum amount is £ 200.

Borrowers are also supposed to pay interest on top of the amount given.


Sunny is an online lender offering loans ranging from £ 100 to £2500. New customers must register by creating their profile before they start accessing loans from the site.

The interest rate and the repayment period is mainly determined by the amount borrowed with high amounts attracting a lower interest and more extended repayment periods. You can get your loan approved within 15 minutes with no application, admin and late payment fee required.

This site charges interest daily with a capped maximum of 0.8% per day.


Quidmarket is a direct lender providing users with both short term loans and payday loans. The Company has been in the market since 2011 and has been helping people who cannot access credit somewhere else.

Quidmarket customer can borrow from £ 300 to £ 1,000 with a payback option of 3 to 6 months. To accommodate different income frequency, quidmarket also an option for weekly payments for people who get cash every week.

Borrowers start with making an application on their website from where they are required to register with a few of their details.


Moneyboat is a UK based online lender regulated by the FCA. This site offers short term loans of £ 200 of up to £1500. The company acts as a direct lender, meaning they deal with loan applications directly.

Borrowers are supposed to repay the loan with two instalments, four instalments or six instalments depending on the amount. Just like other online lenders, the process of getting a loan starts with a free online application followed by an eligibility check which will determine whether you qualify for the loan.

After approval, customers are required to sign and send back the loan agreement sent to them via email and the money is sent directly to their bank account.

Payday Loans FAQ

A payday loan is a small short-term loan that got its name from the probability that most people repay the amount on their payday. Nowadays, payday loans don’t have to be repaid in a month but run for several months or even a day.

The amount borrowed ranges from £50 to £1,000. Because of their short length, high default risk and low value, these loans have a higher annual percentage rate that long term loans offered by financial institutions.

The process of getting a payday loan is similar to any other loan. The only difference from other financial institution is that most lenders now operate online, meaning have to log in to the lender’s website and create an account.

Borrowers with an online profile can choose the loan amount they want to borrow and the repayment period. Once the lender receives the application, they perform a credit check and an affordability check.

The loan is only approved if the lender feels that the borrower can reasonably afford to repay the loan. This happens within 24 hours.

Any adult living in the UK, with a bank account and above the age of 18 can apply for a payday loan. The success of your application depends on the results of the affordability and creditability check done by the lender.

Borrowers with a good credit score and have applied for a loan within their financial reach are more likely to get the loan requested. Some lenders are not strict in checking creditability and affordability but charge very high-interest rates.

APR is a percentage that determines the total amount to be paid by adding up the interest borrowers are supposed to pay and all the additional fees plus extra costs. The figure is given as an average over a year to enable borrowers to compare different lenders.

Every adult in the UK has a credit report based on their credit use history. Lenders can easily access this information and use it to gauge whether an applicant is a responsible user of financial products and whether they are likely to repay a loan given to them. Most lenders will decline applications from borrowers with bad credit.

You are most likely to be rated with a bad credit score if you have a previous loan that you have not repaid on time and other issues such as missed and late payments on your credit card report. The people you are linked to financially can also affect your credit score. For example, your spouse’s bad credit score can also affect the lender’s decision.