Marks and Spencer Bank Travel Money

M&S has revolutionized the retail market in Europe with innovative means being created every passing day. At first, we were used to the infamous TV advert about M&S Food. But the British retail has evolved from selling tasty pastries to offering top-notch financial products for customers traveling board.

At first, you can doubt the business model from owing a food product line of business to offering financial services. Other people still inquire whether it is part of travel money only or a fancy model for the M&S travel money.

However, the main question is, does M&S provide a good deal to you as a traveler in terms of your holiday money? Does it make a good investment option for your foreign currency as you source it from the same area you get your office wear? Are their fees and exchange rates that competitive in the market?

We dive deep into all you need to know about the services offered by the M&S travel money. We analyze the different aspects and whether it is worth your time and investment.

Marks and Spencer Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.1343850.73
Argentine pesos62.821747,116.28
Australian dollars1.95191,463.93
Bahraini dinars0.4122309.15
Barbados dollars2.16881,626.60
Brazilian reals5.39824,048.65
Brunei dollars1.58281,187.10
Bulgarian lev1.93341,450.05
Canadian dollars1.61361,210.20
Chilean pesos912.339684,254.25
Chinese yuan7.58645,689.80
Costa Rica colons591.946443,959.50
Croatian kuna7.5255,643.75
Czech koruna27.362820,522.10
Danish krone7.46655,599.88
Dominican pesos57.537543,153.13
East Caribbean dollars2.90632,179.73
Fiji dollars2.4581,843.50
Gambian dalasi53.64740,235.25
Hong Kong dollars8.45286,339.60
Hungarian forints349.907262,430.25
Icelandic krona150.25112,687.50
Indonesian rupiahs16637.512,478,125.00
Israeli shekels4.05523,041.40
Jamaican dollars144.887108,665.25
Japanese yen119.48189,610.75
Jordanian dinars0.7699577.43
Kenyan shillings112.25884,193.50
Kuwaiti dinars0.3371252.83
Malaysian ringgits5.28553,964.13
Mauritian rupees42.282231,711.65
Mexican pesos26.436719,827.53
New Zealand dollars1.9371,452.75
Norwegian krone12.82719,620.33
Omani rials0.4185313.88
Peruvian nuevo sol3.76972,827.28
Philippine pesos53.010439,757.80
Polish zloty4.48523,363.90
Qatar riyals3.97512,981.33
Romanian leu4.7463,559.50
Russian rubles85.74864,311.00
Saudi riyals4.08893,066.68
Singapore dollars1.58021,185.15
South African rand19.094714,321.03
South Korean won1369.691,027,267.50
Swedish krona11.19298,394.68
Swiss francs1.0726804.45
Taiwan dollars32.624224,468.15
Thai baht34.957826,218.35
Trinidad dollars7.24825,436.15
Turkish lira7.07985,309.85
United Arab Emirates dirham3.98742,990.55
Vietnamese dongs24112.418,084,300.00

What Exchange Rates Should You Expect with Marks and Spencer?

This basically breaks down the interest of each traveler in regards with the M&S travel money. This marks the point where the firm earns its revenue while returning your travel money despite it is not termed as a fee.

Compared to other currency exchange firms, M&S have set their own exchange rates hence this means that they are not entitled to charge at the average going marketing rate that is seen on the online currency converters. However, the exchange rate varies depending on the season for your travel.

In addition, M&S does not provide only a single exchange rate, but they offer 2 viable options. The first exchange rate is the standard sell rate with the second one being the M&S Bank card sell rate. When already using an M&S bank card to cater to your transactions, you are liable for better and affordable deals.

As a recommendation, before going on a shopping spree at the M&S Food, it is better to compare the mid-market share with the M&S bank card sell rate. In some instances, it might rank higher compared to the standard rate, but does this make it the best deal yet? It is important to evaluate all the expenses based on the money converted with the going mid-market share.

It is not that complicated as assumed by most people in terms of the actual mid-market rate. Other travel money offers international transfers with the only fees incurred is part of the quote that is charged. There does not exist any two-tier system for the exchange rates which depend on the banking facility. You should note that the mid-market rate does not offer a fair exchange rate.

Is the Travel Money with Marks and Spencer Bank Online?

There is an online option for travelers with the M&S travel money. This is applicable to even transactors without an M&S Bank account. However, customers with an M&S bank card can qualify for home delivery. For non-holders of an M&S bank card, they will be forced to visit the store and pick it up from one of their bureau de change branches.

In case you need your money sent directly to a foreign bank account, this might become a problem. This service basically helps in getting you’re the cash. You require an international money transfer to transfer the funds into a bank account.

Can You Get an M&S Travel Money Card?

Currently, the M&S does not offer a special travel money card to its customers. However, for bank account holders of M&S, you can access your normal debit and credit cards. You will also be liable to use foreign payments and make withdrawals from cash machines abroad.

It is beneficial to ensure that you have money in your account with the precise local currency. You can look into further details regarding borderless multi-currency accounts. Without any monthly fees, you can still access your funds in over 40 different international currencies. It also offers payout to different 50 while access to virtual account details. These could be Pounds, Euros, and Australian dollars.

The account details remove the only option of paying, but also receiving payments like a citizen in any country which uses the specific currency. A card can also be accessed with UK borderless customers. The customers are accorded with a debit Mastercard.

Lastly, you should note that M&S travel money is not always about money. It is more of your money. It boils down on how much you intend to spend on accessing foreign currency. It is recommended to convert your money, especially with the mid-market share. This ensures you have much to spend on your actual travel.