The Money Shop Travel Money

The Money Shop is one of the UK’s leading financial services provider. Travel money is one of the services that you can get at Money Shop. It allows travellers to have the money they need when they need it.

Over 50 currencies are available for customers. Money Shop is approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), so customers can count on the legitimacy of the site. Besides that, it helps to have a bit of information about the type of service that the company offers. This review provides some insights.

The Money Shop Currency Exchange Rates

Last updated: Mar, 19 9:00
CurrencyRate750 GBP Buys
US dollars1.1282846.15
Australian dollars1.97491,481.18
Bahraini dinars0.4233317.48
Barbados dollars2.1591,619.25
Brunei dollars1.59161,193.70
Bulgarian lev1.98411,488.08
Canadian dollars1.62861,221.45
Chilean pesos916.4687,300.00
Chinese yuan7.88055,910.38
Costa Rica colons595.094446,320.50
Croatian kuna7.82445,868.30
Czech koruna28.940121,705.08
Danish krone7.80155,851.13
Dominican pesos59.210644,407.95
Egyptian pounds15.64211,731.50
Fiji dollars2.54271,907.03
Hong Kong dollars8.55346,415.05
Hungarian forints371.285278,463.75
Icelandic krona154.2115,650.00
Indian rupees79.21859,413.50
Indonesian rupiahs16680.612,510,450.00
Israeli shekels4.0943,070.50
Jamaican dollars147.335110,501.25
Japanese yen122.84292,131.50
Jordanian dinars0.7825586.88
Kenyan shillings112.40584,303.75
Kuwaiti dinars0.3414256.05
Malaysian ringgits4.80573,604.28
Mauritian rupees41.008630,756.45
Mexican pesos27.08720,315.25
Moroccan dirham8.92046,690.30
New Zealand dollars1.97821,483.65
Norwegian krone13.22519,918.83
Omani rials0.427320.25
Peruvian nuevo sol3.76622,824.65
Philippine pesos54.186840,640.10
Polish zloty4.72583,544.35
Qatar riyals4.08813,066.08
Romanian leu4.76693,575.18
Russian rubles88.64366,482.25
Saudi riyals4.22943,172.05
Singapore dollars1.63431,225.73
South African rand19.510214,632.65
South Korean won1361.121,020,840.00
Sri Lankan rupees174.132130,599.00
Swedish krona11.54628,659.65
Swiss francs1.0953821.48
Taiwan dollars32.016924,012.68
Thai baht36.242327,181.73
Turkish lira7.07525,306.40
United Arab Emirates dirham4.14133,105.98
Vietnamese dongs23986.817,990,100.00

Online Ordering

If you want the convenience of ordering from anywhere, Money Shop provides it. In a few minutes, you can find the rate for the desired currency, place your order and wait for delivery. The website recently got an upgrade that has improved aesthetics and navigation. Immediately you enter the homepage, the platform meets you with the best rates. When you don’t need to do rate comparisons yourself, it saves time.

If your order is before 2 pm, then you can get the currency delivered the following day. Money Shop gives you the option of home delivery or in-person pick-up. It means that you can pay for the currency to be delivered to your residence or you can get it yourself at a preferred store. Online ordering has the obvious advantage of being able to order from anywhere in the UK. It eliminates the stress and cost of going to a physical location.

The online ordering process at Money Shop is efficient as long as you have all the information. One downside is that customers complain of the lack of confirmation emails. It would offer clients some relief when they know an order has been processed through email confirmation.

In-store Ordering

In instances where a traveller doesn’t wish to order from the web, in-store is an option. You can drop by a physical location and order the necessary currency. Money Shop runs 550 stores across the UK.

You can select the most convenient one. This order type also provides the same alternatives for delivery. The advantage of in-store orders is that they offer more assurance to customers. You can make sure, in person, that your currency purchase is processed and wait for the delivery. The large number of stores available improves the efficiency of the service.

Telephone Orders

Then there is the choice to call the call Money Shop and order your travel currency. You have to provide proof of identity with your order, so get that ready. A plus side of ordering on the phone is that, if you have concerns, you can have them addressed before ordering.

Currency and Delivery Rates

Money Shop has some of the best rates for travel money. The service keeps updating the rates in line with the changing market. Therefore, customers can expect fair, updated rates. Money Shop doesn’t charge a commission, which provides savings.

For delivery rates, Money Shop doesn’t charge for orders exceeding £700. You have to pay £3.99 for orders between £400 and £699.99 and £6.99 for anything lower than that. Some customers can view the rates for small amounts as bordering on the high side. However, you can opt to pick up the currency yourself.

What to Expect

Customers can use credit cards for payments where fees from the issuer may apply. Money Shop gives you a choice to load your travel money onto a prepaid card. The minimum amount is $75 or its equivalent. A prepaid card is an ideal alternative when you don’t intend to carry cash around during your travels.

The MasterCard-powered card is accepted in different regions. It makes transactions easy and safe. Additionally, you can save money on fees. Money Shop allows customers to pick a delivery date up to 14 days. You can cancel click and collect orders but at a fee. However, you can’t cancel next-day delivery orders.

Disadvantages of Money Shop

  • High delivery fees for small orders
  • Some offers are only available in-store
  • Cannot specify denominations for online orders


As a travel money service provider, Money Shop ranks at the top. The multiple ordering options cater to different customers. Whether it’s by telephone, online or in-store, customers can expect a smooth process. From various customer testimonials, Money Shop offers an efficient and reliable service.